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Anta Coiffure has a real expertise in caring for dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are an increasingly popular hairstyle adopted by men, women and children alike but they require specific skills for creating them, growing them and maintaining them. Whether you’ve had locks for year or are just planning on adopting this style, we can help you start them up, maintain them, style them and we’ll give you tips and tricks on how to grow beautiful, clean, stylish dreadlocks.

Starting dreadlocks using the crochet method

Using the crochet method we can to dreads instantly. This technique is perfect for people who do not want to wait several months before the formation of dreads.


Consists in all putting in the dreads all the hair that is sticking out. This is done with a small crochet hook and helps reinforce the dreads and prevent breakage.

Dread extensions

Growing dreadlocks can take months, or years. If you want long dreadlocks right away and do not want to wait for your dreads reach your desired length we can add extensions to your dreadlocks. It is possible to add extensions when starting the dreads or to add them later. It also can help when repairing broken dreadlocks. The result looks very natural and imperceptible. The extension is worked in the dreadlocks with the same hook as the base of your own hair, and the whole look is extremely uniform.


Here are the steps:

– Washing

– Conditioning

– Hot Oil Treatment

– Crocheting and roots tightening by twisting or interlocking

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