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Meet Anta

Anta Niang, owner and founder of Anta Coiffure, was only 16 when she started working at a hair salon in Bamako, Mali. She worked and developed her skills in Mali for three years before deciding to move to Senegal to attend the International School of Hairdressing in Dakar. Anta’s talent as well as her dedication to her craft helped her graduate at the top of her class.

She then kept growing and developing her skills while working in several hair salons in the city where she specialized in making braids, twist, weaves and dreadlocks.

The next step was moving to Canada. When Anta arrived in Montreal, Quebec, she immediately started working in hair salons before renting her own chair, then working from home. After a few years and many faithful clients, she decided to open her own salon in 2010, Anta Coiffure.

Anta is a woman whose passion and love for hair is undeniable. Despite her great experience, she stays on top of things by learning new techniques and developing her knowledge of hair. Taking care of hair and elevating its beauty by acknowledging its natural texture and respecting it is her main concern.

The clients’ well-being is also, of course, a priority for Anta and her team, whose passion and great professionalism is recognized by all of their clients: men, women and children alike.

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